How to set up an auto-reply on Facebook Messenger?

To turn on auto-reply on Facebook Messenger, go to the “Messages” section of your Settings and click the switch to toggle it. Now you can set your message by clicking “Custom Message.” You can select a default sound for notifications by clicking Customize Sounds.

After turning on that function, when people send you a message, they will get your designated text as an automatic response. Beware that the person won’t be able to start a conversation with you unless they first reply back to the auto-responder message before sending another one. This is because once your automated message has been sent off, replies from people are stacked into new messages under New Message Alerts in order for you not to miss any messages.

To set up an auto-reply on Facebook messaging instant reply, do the following:

  • Open Facebook application on your mobile, The following instructions will explain how to set up the Facebook Messenger for Android app or the Facebook Messenger for iOS app.
  • Select your pages as showen in the secrren below. Click on the three horizontally lines and select your pages as showen in the next screen
Your Facebook Pages
  • Select your Facebook page and open it to setup auto reply
Selecting your Facebook page to set up auto-reply
  • So in my case I have selected one of my page name Just Picked, Now click on settings as indicated in the screen-shot below.
My Facebook Page for Auto-Reply for Messages
Messaging section under the setting tab
  • On a deskop the Facebook takes your to the click on edit message to setup Instant Reply and don’t forget toggle switch on the Instant reply, after you edit your message hit save and your done.
in a desktop setting up Facebook Instant Reply
  • On this page, scroll down and click edit below “auto-reply.” You should get a box that says “your message here” followed by two blank lines of space. Start typing your response message here.
Select Instant Reply and Switch the toggle on
  • Now hit save changes when you’re done! This will send messages to the person directly to the person intract with your business pages on Facebook instead of showing up as pending notifications in the Facebook Messenger app or on their computer screen.
Save and you are done with auto-reply for messages on Facebook
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