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Why do you need an SEO Marketing Consultant?

Figuring out to improve website SEO without being penalized is complex. There are many acronyms, formulas, jargon, and more require succeeding. Google top ranking is complicated and confusing. But you do have to struggle alone. Save your valuable time, and efforts in the long run. Your team is free to focus on other essential elements of business development.

If your SEO efforts are paying off? Hire an SEO consultant agreement and get a strategy to grow business. Save money with affordable SEO consulting fees. Whether you need an SEO consultant for a small business or for a large business, or you need an SEO consultant. With over 15 years of experience in online SEO consultant in Delhi, you are at the right place.
There are numerous leading SEO consultant out there promises to facilitate Google top 10 ranking. It’s a false claim. A digital SEO consultant or SEO Moz consultant execute web projects and campaigns of any complicity. I have 1000+ reviews on social media. Here is a link to my social media profile.

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Hi, I am Sonu Pandey an SEO consultant and best SEO expert in Delhi NCR India. I also run a  digital marketing agency and Digital Marketing Training Institute.

Marketing a business digitally involves more than combining things together for a glamour’s website. Having a well-structured site is the first goal that won’t get you to reach the right people. The trick here is to achieve a strong presence on Google search engines. Thereby, the best way to do this is through effective SEO the SEO full form is search engine optimization. Look no further for a reliable SEO consultant, when I am here to help!

  • Grow your traffic

  • Attract people

  • Share the right content

  • Convert website traffic

  • Save your time

  • Get personalized quote

I have worked full time for 1500 plus Digital Marketing projects. In my 15 years of career as an SEO consultant, in past work with major companies including 100 Fortune companies. It’s been 5 years since I am working as an expert SEO consultant at my firm with a team of 10 SEO professionals consultants and other digital marketing experts.

What does it take to be an SEO consultant?

SEO is a 20th-century revolutionary tool. It involves the engineering of tactics that evolves over time. It is important for every online brand to reach an SEO consultant means every year to align your strategy with Google search engines. Now when we are in the 21st century where the competition is high. It’s time for hiring an SEO consultant.

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SEO Consultant vs. Agency

A search engine optimization consultant job is to analyze review, and audit website SEO performance. Whereas an SEO agency is dedicated to design and implement campaigns. The nature of SEO consulting is different from a company. SEO consulting business provides expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to earn more natural organic SERP traffic.

My duty as an SEO consulting agreement with brands include:

  • Understanding clients marketing objectives

  • Execute web page optimization

  • Perform keyword discovery

  • Match keyword mapping

  • Identify keyword cannibalization

  • Focus user experience for better conversion

  • Diagnose technical issues

  • Local SEO errors

  • Comprehensive online competitive analysis

  • Complete website audit

  • Consolidating content

  • Recommendation to call-to-action

  • Improve SEO strategy

  • Internal linking structure optimization

  • Achieve low CPC

  • Maximize domain authority

How an SEO Consultant can benefit?

You may be wondering what SEO consultant does? A certified SEO consultant is an expert to guide clients with the right search engine optimization strategy. Do not get trapped in dirty games of SEO consulting agencies. They apply cheap SEO tactics like black hat SEO which can penalize your website.

An SEO specialist digs into website pain-points and makes recommendations. Here are 10 Things I can help your website to improve SEO.

SEO meaning in terms of SEO Optimization

  • Title Tags

    Getting a title tag right is a lot more rigid that you think. And a corrector optimizes page titles works wonder for SEO.

  • Meta Description

    It is equally important like title tags. The Meta description is an HTML attribute. The description tag is a snippet of 155 characters which requires specialization to rank higher.

  • Meta Tags

    Meta tags may not be important in comparison to title tags and Meta descriptions. An SEO expert consultant helps to advise on this.

  • Content Classification

    Content is a website badge. Without quality content no website ranks. An SEO Guru will guide you with truly quality content from the perspective of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

  • Headings

    Increase the power of headers with heading and subheadings. Implementing the correct use of HTML tags and proper keywords in the H1, H2, H3, and H4 titles.

  • Site Speed

    Website speed is one of the Google search engine factors to rank.

  • Site Structure

    Digital SEO consultant analyses site structure. A vital aspect of SEO strategy. The best recommendation for creating a powerful website structure.

  • XML Sitemap

    An incredible XML sitemap acts as a roadmap of the website for search crawlers. The Sitemaps protocol enables webmasters to the information search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling.

  • Schema Markup

    One of the best evaluations in the SEO industry. It is a new form of web optimization but least utilized.

  • Mobile-Friendly Mobile First

    Google search console allows analyzing mobile device website friendliness. Having a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of your online presence. In many countries, smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic

And many other things. An SEO consulting definition does not the only state they should be good at optimizing your website. But also other analyze other SEO ranking factors. If you are planning to hire an SEO consulting you really need to be sure they possess the right credentials.

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What does SEO Consultant Service do?

With SEO consulting and strategy, I help my clients to increase organic traffic. Through the process of building a solid website foundation. Do you need help with search rankings? Let me summarize how I as an SEO consultant can help you with several services:

  • Ethical SEO Consultant

    Great website needs to be found. Ethical SEO consulting services manage monthly projects, tools, resources, and classes. Ethical search engine marketing practice ensures acceptable tactics and strategies acceptable by the search engines. Also known as white hat SEO is a principle-based guidelines set by Google. Helping a website to deceive by analysis black hat, spam backlinks (link building), hidden text, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and more.

  • Local SEO Consultant

    A right SEO consulting service comprises of various local strategies for business growth. I help businesses with SEO consulting for Multi-location brands to rank locally or nationally. I regularly publish Local SEO consulting articles based on research and experience from past and present clients.

  • SEO Web Consulting

    Boutique SEO Consulting firm services with the primary objective to optimize the website. 95% of visitors click on the first page of Google. Don’t be among the top 1000 Google searches. I will help you design a strategy where you want your customers to your competition. Here ensure the website design is responsive and format to all devices.

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    SEO SEM Consulting

    SEO SEM consulting is a design solution. Grow website natural traffic and revenue. With high-level SEO audits and strategy consulting with 7 years of excellence in Digital Consulting. What is search engine marketing? SEM consulting services help the business to make sense of paid searches.


  • Word press SEO Consulting

    Doing WordPress SEO right can save years of work. Proving technical SEO audits and website analytics. Help in data-driven marketing to track site visits, leads, and sales. Whether it is SEO Content Marketing or Google Ads. This strategic course of action leads to a healthy online presence and more Digital Growth.

  • YouTube SEO Consulting

    YouTube has become increasingly popular among growing businesses to promote services. YouTube consulting service will aid to meet your project planning goals and deadlines. Assuring you reap the benefit of video content with target keywords. This is achieved by developing a step-by-step YouTube Video SEO plan.

  • Yoast SEO Consulting

    Everyone wants to benefit from Yoast WordPress tools. So, if you are an enterprise brand who wants to benefit from experience, skills, and support, find out how I can help you. I am a WordPress SEO consultant who lives and breathes Yoast On-Page SEO.

  • Online SEO Consultant

    Identify search engine optimization fails with the number one ranked SEO expert in India. Consider hiring an SEO consultant expert instead of an SEO consulting company. Online consulting offers your business the latest, proven SEO and customized online marketing strategies. Taking your brand to a whole new level.

  • SEO and Digital AD Consultant

    As a digital marketing ad consultant, I help a business to source more leads and higher revenue. The designing program across digital marketing channels. Execute and plan campaigns across paid, social, organic and digital platforms. If you need a fully integrated digital marketing solution, I will work with you as an extension or addition to your team to help you achieve your marketing goals

  • SEO PPC Consultant

    Stop wasting your money in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Since the PPC ad is all about buying clicks. I help with managing PPC campaigns. Hire a PPC Consultant to help you grow traffic with Google advertisement.

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Top 5 Questions to ask SEO Consultant?

If you plan to hire an SEO consultant in Delhi NCR, here are a few questions you may need to prepare. I am sharing the list of 5 questions need to ask an SEO consultant before hiring. This is because, when you hire an expert SEO in Delhi you time for consulting is limited. You need to prepare prior to your meeting to ensure the value of time and service. Let’s dig into the questions.

  • How will you improve search engine rankings?

    A steer clear SEO agent freely discusses the on-going issues in site SEO strategy. The goal set is realistic for business growth. Including an estimate step to achieve the goals.

  • Do you abide search engine webmaster guidelines?

    As an expert SEO consulting company, I always adhere to the Google search engine policy. Following the general guidelines helps Google to find site, index, and rank. I strongly encourage you to pay attention to quality guidelines. Thus, make recommendations to help the site abide by the SEO tactics.

  • What types of SEO strategy do you implement?

    There are two main types of search engine optimization techniques. The first is White hat SEO which is of ‘good kind’. Second, is Black hat SEO which is ‘bad’ for website health. I only implement White hat SEO consulting as a long term strategy. While black hat SEO is a temporarily boost rankings, but might ultimately result in permanent damage to your site’s rankings.

  • Can you guarantee no. 1 ranking on Google search engines?

    Some unethical SEO consultants will tell you. Yes! It is possible. But an experienced SEO & digital marketing consultant does not offer a guarantee. It is impossible to promise page one Google rankings. Just like no matter how good a lawyer you are’, the outcome depends on all sorts of factors. I never commit my SEO consulting clients with top 10 positions. Because some keywords simply do not get enough searches for it to be worth. No matter how much insider relationship you have with Google or any other search engine, there is no control over how high or low a website appears in the search results page.

  • Are you experience to improve local SEO searches?

    Appearing top local search results is especially crucial for a small brick-and-mortar business. Those trying to attract nearby customers. I have worked with hundreds of clients on different Google algorithm. Local SEO consulting requires a different level of marketing strategy. Optimizing website for local SEO assures nearby searches for relevant keywords. To accomplish local search engine ranking, as a consultant, verify business city, state, title tags, Meta tags, and meta description align with local keywords niche. Including getting your site listed on a local business listing like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. A leading SEO consultant acknowledges verification of online directories of business that cater to a particular geographical area. As SEO consultant responsibilities, I ensure that your website does not spam on local SEO. Including authenticate organic visibility on popular local classified.

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