3 Steps Solutions OnePlus 2 Battery Charging Very Slow [Resolved]

One plus 2 charging issue resolved

I am using the OnePlus 2 for almost 18 months from the last two-three months I faced the same issue that my OnePlus 2 not charging fast as it says full-day power is half an hour. So I contacted customer care but it didn’t work.

Following OnePlus 2 Charging Problem & Solutions

If your OnePlus 2 takes the whole night or 10 to 12 hours for full battery charge and it gives you the whole day power then you must test your charging cable.

Your OnePlus 2 is really a smartphone it also tells you charging cable has issues. Following the steps.

  1. Dialing a shortcode from your OnePlus 2

Connect your phone with power adapter and charging cable than Dial *#808# as shown in the screenshot.

validate type c usb charging cable oneplus 2 shortcode

When you press dial button you’re redirected to screenshot something like below one, scroll further and you find the solution for fast charging your OnePlus 2.

one plus 2 manual test battery charging

2. In the following screenshot, I have highlighted the ‘Charger’ you need to press this when you do you will see the charger voltage and current supplied by the cable to the phone that is required for fast charging your OnePlus 2.

one plus 2 charging slow

When I have done this I found that my OnePlus 2, type C USB charging cable has issues see the screenshot. The below screen shot shows eight important things and you need to focus on charger voltage and current in my case both the things showing in RED color which means charger voltage and current supplied to my OnePlus 2 phone is not sufficient. I must do something about it immediately in order to get the full potential of my phone.

In the upcoming screenshot, I have tested it using a different type C, USB cable, and the results were very much satisfactory.

oneplus 2 type c cable charging problem

Now you understand that you need more power to charge your OnePlus 2 phone very fast in just half an hour. I ordered the new type C USB charging cable through Amazon, luckily I got it in just two days of ordering. You can also purchase it I have shared the link for your reference.

Mivi 6 Feet Type C Cable with Khali Tough Bullet Proof Material (Black)

329 1199
SAFE & STRONG – The USB C cable is made with bulletproof material, and the aluminum casing is super sleek allowing you to easily plug your cable into any phone case.
FAST & CONVENIENT – Mivi Type C cable supports 5Gbps data transfer speed that’s 10X faster than traditional USB 2.0 cables. You can transfer photos, videos, music, and more in seconds!
HASSLE-FREE – With the reversible design of the USB c connector on both ends, you don’t have to worry about inserting it in the wrong way all the time. Simply plug it into your devices without checking for the right side up every time.
HI-QUALITY – Built with a sturdy nylon fiber jacket and premium aluminum housing this Type C Cable is designed to last long while charging or transferring files from your device at high speeds!

3. After I got my order I have done the whole process again and while testing the new USB type C charging cable I found the following result. Which looks good now the battery charging very fast as it was working before now all it takes half an hour to get a full-day battery backup.

oneplus 2 not charging fast solved


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