WordPress Hosting India – What Is the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

There are several types of WordPress Hosting India. Choosing the best one is very important, whether it is shared or dedicated. Most of the service providers to offer both the options. It is important to understand the differences in them, so that one can make a good decision for the right amount of money and also for the usage.

First of all, we will be discussing about the Hosting India which is dedicated and Shared. This is a shared platform where a user is given one account and has the unlimited resources to use the hosting for his website. Another important thing to be noted here is that, this account can be changed as per the user’s convenience. Another great feature that this account can offer is that the website will be set up in minutes. The webmaster can start using the available resources.

Dedicated hosting India

is similar to dedicated server in another way but it is not a physical server. A person gets dedicated hosting where a person will be given more resources like a bigger memory, bigger server disk space and large databases. The primary difference is that, the cost of the dedicated account is much higher than the one of the shared account.

If you need to build your website, the website may become non-functional if you have used the shared hosting plan. If you get the dedicated hosting account, then you can keep changing your websites easily. The moment the data center does the upgrade of the website, the hosting provider will transfer it automatically.

For websites, the use of USENET forums is an important feature. Many users find this feature useful, when they want to share the news with others. For these reasons, many hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth, allowing the user to download any content he needs at any time.

Well, both these options can be done with either of them. There are some advantages and disadvantages of each of them. It is the choice of the user to choose the one that suits his requirements, and also the kind of business he is running.

Shared hosting India

are those shared hosting platforms where users are sharing one account. The users can get the same resources, disk space and memory at the same time. This shared hosting environment provides the users enough resources.

The drawback of this is that, the bandwidth, memory and other resources are shared by all the users. There is no inter-site bandwidth. When you put an article on your site, you can upload the same on another user’s website, and vice versa.

The problem here is that there is always a limit on the number of simultaneous requests, which is the same for every user. Also, the file transfer rate is low. And some time there is no change in the bandwidth consumption, so you do not get any additional resources.

Another disadvantage of this type of hosting is that, when a website needs to change its theme or template, the site needs to be updated immediately. Also, when the website has many pages, the increase in the traffic will affect the bandwidth usage.

Dedicated hosting India offers all these disadvantages plus additional features like, dedicated domain, free SSL certificate, and other extra tools. It also provides you the freedom to modify the website in any way, and control access to the different users.

Shared hosting India is a totally different option from the shared hosting, where one user is sharing resources with other users. If a website does not have many users, the bandwidth is unlimited. There are a huge cost saving and a lot of flexibility in shared hosting.

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