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InMotion Hosting Promotions – Best InMotion WordPress Hosting Offer 2018

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There are several InMotion Promotions for Shared Web Hosting offered currently. The promotions allow you to save big.

There are several InMotion Promotions for Shared Web Hosting offered currently. The promotions allow you to save big. The company is known to offer the state of the art hosting services. For shared hosting, you can enjoy up to 25% off. It is a great deal which can allow you save a lot of money in the process. Before you decide on a given hosting company, it is necessary to check on features offered by the company. With InMotion, you access fast web hosting services powered by free SSDS on each hosting account. Other features you will find very helpful in your web hosting services include a free one-click installer, cPanel which is easy to use and fair prices. The money back guarantee allows you to enjoy peace of mind upon hosting with the company.

Business Hosting Services

InMotion offers Shared Business Hosting services starting from $5.99/mo. With a 25% discount, you enjoy significant savings. There are also several free features which you can access at a premium price in other hosts. When it comes to web hosting, you are assured value for money if you decide to host with InMotion. The shared hosting plan is great for database driven websites. You can as well use the site for custom applications which make your hosting process run smoothly. Support of different languages makes them stand out in the industry.

You can access PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl among other programming languages. With each hosting account, you obtain free content management installation. You are free to choose from CMS such as Joomla, WordPress or even Prestashop. A free domain name in the shared hosting plan makes your hosting even more economical.

There are different packages in the shared business hosting package which come with various features. For example, you can have launch package which starts at $599/mo after the 25% off promotion. Other packages include power starting at $799/mo after 20% off which was initially $9.99/mo. The pro package starts at $1399/mo after the 12% off promotion. It was initially offered at $15.99/mo.

For each InMotion Promotion for shared web hosting you access, you enjoy a hosting package which comes with the following features:

Free Domain

For you to get started on your web hosting, you should have a registered domain. The domain will act as your site identity. The company offers a free domain in your business shared hosting package. You end up saving a great deal of money provided by other companies you will have to pay for the domain. If you compare the services offered by the company, you will realize there is value for your
money due to the careful pricing and package design.

Unlimited Websites

If you opt for the pro package, you access unlimited websites hosting. It is a great deal which assures you the best deal if you are after hosting several sites for your online ventures. When trying to locate a website hosting company, it is necessary to take into consideration the number of websites you can host. The more the websites, the higher the chances you will realize value for money.

Unlimited Disk Space

With unlimited disk space, you can upload unlimited content to your website. If you are starting a site where you expect to post a lot of content, then it is necessary to look for a host who can assure you unlimited disk space. Other competitors will limit you to the disk space, but it is a different case if you decide to host with InMotion.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The unlimited bandwidth makes it possible for you to enjoy unlimited traffic to your website. If you should host in a business plan, then you need to go for the Pro version for you to enjoy the feature. It is an important point to note considering the higher the traffic you access, the more profit your business will make.

Unlimited Email

You need professional emails for your online business and other uses. After you decide to host with the company, you will not be worried about the number of emails you can host. The pro plan allows you to have unlimited emails which you can put under different uses.

High-Speed Servers

The services at the company use SSD which is faster than ordinary disk drives. If you are looking for ways you can speed up your website load time, when considering the host services at the company will be an added advantage. The performance is four times faster than ordinary hosting companies.

Marketing Tools

For you to increase your reach online, you should market your online business on different platforms. The hosting company offers several marketing tools which make it possible for you to enjoy your hosting process.

Security Suite

The security employed at the company is second to none. You should always consider a company which has an excellent reputation for offering the highest level of protection. You will always achieve the highest level of security upon investing in the company. The pro-level support offered ensures you are not stranded when hosting your website. You can reach them via a phone call, live chat or even email and they will respond to your questions accordingly.

The Wide Variety of Hosting Services

Apart from shared business hosting, you can as well access other services such as VPS hosting which come with 42% discount, Dedicated Servers with 47% off, Reseller Hosting offered at 50% off and WordPress hosting which attracts a discount of up to 22%. If you are looking for a company where you can move your website, then InMotion offers you irresistible offers. The packages are well designed to assure you the best hosting services.

Wide experience in hosting services makes the company offer customers the best services. When it comes to security, speed, and the price, you have assured the best offers after you decide to host with InMotion. The one click CMS installation process makes it possible for you to easily get started in your web hosting even if you do not have a lot of experience in the field.

InMotion Hosting Promotions – Best InMotion WordPress Hosting Offer 2018
InMotion Hosting Promotions – Best InMotion WordPress Hosting Offer 2018
$5.99 $7.99
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