The 6 Features & Benefits you Can Avail from Cloud-VPS Servers

Website outages are always the worst nightmare for every website owner. The website outages may happen due to innumerable causes but the effect is deadly for any business. The record says that in the year 2013 Amazon lost a huge amount of money due to the outages. Now to protect this downtime you can install Cloud-VPS servers which are designed to give you and your business enough faith. Now you simply reinstall your OS, power off, and reboot your system at any point in time with the help of our cloud servers as our Cloud-VPS users will give you 24/7/365 days support. If we fail to provide an uninterrupted service you can take your money back within 30 days.

The Power of your Server

By selecting 2 or more nodes you can easily increase your server’s power. But we recommend you to start your service with 2 nodes and later you can gradually increase your node capacity to power up your server. We offer our clients different packages to avail our services and our packages are designed such a way that you can get a bigger server for less price. Our packages are so much flexible and when the server load increases it automatically doubles the RAM and CPU capacity so that you can get uninterrupted service. We provide unlimited bandwidth in most of the locations with Server Density monitoring facility. The power pack is given for fair usage but if you want to avail larger configurations then you have to contact our customer care number.

6 Great Features of Cloud-VPS Server

Power Pack Facility: We already describe the Powerpack facility of our server which you can get for a smaller price tag. The Powerpack facility not only doubled your server power on demand but this facility also handles the regular server load, allocates unlimited bandwidth, and free monitoring facility of Server Density.

Downtime is nullified with 1000% SLA: You can trust our reliable cloud servers which are designed to nullify any type of failure and can give uninterrupted service. We value our customers and their business. We always demand no outages for our customers but somehow if any problem arises then we will credit 10 times of the pro-rental to our customers for the affected service. You can check out the conditions below.

Reliability with self-healing: Our multiple servers have the capability of self-healing power. We understand your business and the consequences of the downtime in your business. So we designed our multiple servers such a way that if any one server fails then to safeguard your business the affected server will be removed from the cloud to provide you unaffected service.

Globalized datacenters: We all aware of the fact that the servers which are very nearer to the users enable faster responses, quicker throughput and give local presence. Keeping this in mind our worldwide 21 datacenters always give you plenty of options to choose the closest location for your users.

Enhanced Reactive 24*7 support: Our 24 x 7 x 365 premium support will give you start-up assistance, server Density monitoring, and prime response. The monitoring of the Server Density not only give you different realistic alerts but it also checks your server’s health all the time.

Great storage facility available: Our valuable Enterprise disks are configured properly in a RAID 10 SAN (Storage Area Network) where we use dispensable disks, active controllers, and power supplies for high availability.

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