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Cloud Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a dedicated server and a Cloud Server?

A: The cloud server involves a huge cluster of servers working together in such a way that each contributes memory (Random Access Memory, RAM),
processing power as well as storage space to the CRP (Cloud Resource Pool). Your cloud server uses resources from a number of these servers all the time. This implies that you do not depend on any particular server as would be the case in a conventional dedicated machine. Hardware failure, therefore, ceases to occasion downtime, and since you can obtain resources from any of the several servers at any one moments, you have the power to scale up and/or down with a lot of ease and without downtime.

So does it mean my cloud server is still dedicated to me?

A: Yes! Different providers utilize unique virtualization technology besides having different means of setting up virtual servers. The KVM  technology which accords you a true advanced-grade virtual dedicated server setting, complete with dedicated guaranteed resources! It also gives you complete root access to the server; with your approval, we can fully optimize and customize it to meet your requirements and specifications, unlike other types of VPS servers and shared hosting servers available in the market.

Can I utilize all the resources I am charged for?

A: As with all Hosting products, they hosting don’t oversubscribe or undersell our cloud infrastructure. They also don’t use terms such as burstable or shared’ while describing our cloud hosting products and services because all the resources we offer are 100 percent dedicated our client’s cloud servers.

Do I need to have the technical know-how or have a technical experience to use successfully your cloud?

A: No, only managed services include a comprehensive server management, in each and every cloud hosting product we offer, in the price we quote. You can handle your cloud server in the same way you would any of our other shared hosting products; it is delivered ready to besides including cPanel which you have possibly used previously to easily and quickly manage all aspects of your site hosting. You, therefore, do not require any extra technical knowledge; will take care of you and your server round the clock.

Will my cloud hosting come with cPanel WHM together its features?

A: Yes, it will come with an operational cPanel WHM control panel or CWP. You will, therefore, be able to familiarize yourself with the panel and all its features from the first day. All the features cited on our standard reseller and shared hosting pages will be mounted and ready to utilize on any of the cloud server product you choose to buy.

How long is the shortest contract?

A: We don’t have any contract duration specifications on any of our cloud hosting servers. Feel free to sign up today and enjoy free setup, and cancel anytime you feel like with absolutely no termination notice periods or exit fee.

How fast can I upgrade or downgrade my server?

A: You can upgrade or downgrade your server in just a few minutes. If you are operating a website with massive variations in traffic, for instance, a seasonal e-commerce retail which spends a fraction of the year busy and the remaining fraction quiet, our cloud is ideal for you because it allows you to buy resources when you require only. You can thus scale either up or down and save money depending on the traffic that you anticipate.  Interestingly, you can achieve all these conveniences without having to experience extended downtime typical of conventional server downgrade or update.

I can’t see what I am searching for on your site, please help?

A: We can customize a cloud server precisely to your requirements. If the slide provided to you on our website does not give you the cloud server size you want, let us know; our experts will design and create for you a server that meets your exact needs.

What size of cloud server do you recommend I start with?

A: We recommend our cloud001 strategy for development/test settings only since the resources are not appropriate for production sites, our nonetheless recommend entry-level plan is cloud002 and above. To choose the right cloud server, consider what you are planning to host. For this reason, it is advisable to discuss with any of our technical sales personnel more so if you are not so sure of the resource levels that you need. Please contact us, and we will help you come up with an ideal cloud hosting solution just for you.

What is vPCU?

A: Our cloud hosting plans quote you a certain number of virtual Central Processing Unit (vCPU), disk space and RAM. The Cloud comes with an enormous number of CPU to spare, which explains why our smallest packages include two entire vCPU’s. Imagine having a whole two effective processors dedicated to your plans (amounting to 2.4 GHz)! Bigger plans include a larger number of vCPU. You won’t have to struggle with low processing power when using the cloud, the key metric is the amount of RAM you utilize. Latest PHP/MySQL scripts, for example, Magento,
require a lot of RAM, and as such you need to consider RAM is when deciding on the package you should buy. We are always glad to help you settle on a plan ideal for you, and you can choose to start small and, later on, upgrade.

How, many sites can I host on a single cloud VPS?

A: You can host any number of sites on your cloud VPS; we do not impose any limit. You should only make sure its size is enough for the number of resources yours websites use. You can upgrade or downgrade your server any time to match the number of websites you are planning to host.

How many IP (Internet Protocol) addresses will I get with my Cloud server?

A: Each server is allowed two IP addresses initially. One is for hostname, while the second is for “ns2” name server. Note that we setup cloud sever ready to run, including nameservers that you can use to point your domain name to. If you can justify their need (for example to make an IP based website for SSL), feel free to order extra IP addresses from us. We charge a small monthly feel just like dedicated IP addresses fees on our extra hosting services.

What support level should I expect?

A:  Thrives on reputation alone. Similar to all our other products and services, you’ll get full access to our knowledgeable and friendly 24/7/365 competent support team. Contact us anytime and you will get the prompt and useful response straight from an expert.

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