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What is WordPress and How to use it Tips in 2020

Have you got something to say to the world? Has blogging been something you have considered taking on? WordPress has become the popular blogging standard on the Internet and it would be a good idea to learn more about it before you begin blogging. This article lays out some good advice that can get ...

Google Updates 2020

Google January 2020 Core Update January 14, 2020, A broad core algorithm update confirmed by Google is now rolling. Read More January 14, 2020 Google BERT Update Worldwide December 9, 2019, BERT, the new way for Google Search to better understand language that initially launched in October for US ...

What is SEO Services

SEO services are an integral part of the online marketing strategy equipped for your business. The SEO service providers can list your site to the initial pages of Google and other renowned search engines. However, you would find several scammers guaranteeing you that they can bring your site ...

What is SEO Algorithm?

Introduction In order for SEO to work effectively, there is a series of complex mathematical formula that these search engines use so as to assess how important or relevant a website is. Based on their findings, these algorithms are then used to rank such websites according to their specific ...

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