20 [Safe & Secure] Internet Browsing Tips for you in 2018

Security on the internet should not be taken for granted. You should know that not everyone is out to just use the internet freely and safely. There are some other conniving individuals that are thirsty for some cybercrime. You can easily fall prey if not well informed. But you can look at the following 20 safe and secure internet browsing tips.

Safe Surfing

Safe browsing is a habit you should culminate. You should aim at protecting yourself from spilling information about yourself online. Keep your bank account passwords private and do not use them anywhere on the internet especially if the sites are insecure. This is a number one safe internet browsing tip.

Use Safe Browsers

A safe browser is protected from dangerous sites as you visit various URL sites. Last year (2017) Kaspersky registered 79 million unique URLs as malicious. Remain within the jurisdiction of browsers that are secure and you will be safe while browsing. Use browsers that have protection features such as chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer among others.

Secure Internet Browser

You should embrace the habit of using browsers that are free from danger. With such sites, you will not worry much about getting protected because it has already been done for you. Generally, sites like Firefox, Brave, Tor, Dooble, Yandex, and Comondo are top pick secure browsers.

Know how to set Security Setting

Each the browser has security Settings. It is usually under advanced settings, and then you can select Privacy and Security. Under the settings, you can restrict your device from visiting dangerous sites and you can also switch on Do Not Track requests. Look for more security features too.

Password Manager

Password managers will assist you with storing and retrieving complex passwords for secure sites. You do not need to cram complex passwords. Leave the work to the Password manager software. They include Zoho vault, Dashlane, Sticky Password and many other managers.

Secure Password

A secure password should be long enough and impossible to crack yet easy to remember. You should try adding symbols, numbers, lower case, and upper case letters. You can use password generators that do NOT work online or you can do the generation yourself. Do not ignore this safe and secure internet browsing tip.

Hide IP with VPN

VPN services will enable you to appear online with a different identity. You will have secure connections than when using a proxy. Also, you will enjoy high bandwidth, and private access to blocked sites and you can choose the country you would like to display you are from. You can try out NordVPN, IPVanish, PureVPN, Cyberghost, and HideMyAss.

Site security HTTPS vs. HTTP

When using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), you would rather use HTTPS. The S stands for security. In Chrome and Firefox, it is designated with a padlock on it. This is important when visiting banking services and when doing online shopping. It is more secure than the HTTP.

Watch out for Phishing emails

Phishing emails come with links and information aiming at obtaining private and sensitive information from you. The phishes may try to obtain your username or credit card information. They usually disguise as trustworthy entities. They might use similar URLs but misspells.

Download Software from Trusted Sources

When downloading software ensure it comes from reputed sources. Sites like Google play and Appstore have been recognized as safe. It is very easy for one to hide a worm or Trojan virus in software and when you install the software the virus will also be installed. If it is a spyware, then much of your information might be leaked.

Avoid File Sharing Sites

File sharing can be very insecure. It requires you to share and download files. It is very easy for one to attach a malware to such files as pdf, videos, and mp3s. So when you play the file, the spyware gets attached to your computer and with a single click you are exposed.

Turn On Two Factor Authentication

A Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides a second line of defense apart from the passwords and the usernames. It allows the user to use a piece of
information that is excursive to them only. Like a mark on their body. You can use anything that only you know about.

Change your Password after Breach

If someone breaches your password then you should change it immediately. And ensure you use a password that does not resemble the previous one. If your password is breached it means you are being targeted. Do not take chances. Use another unique and unrelated password.

Consider using Extra Anti-virus Protection

If you are using Microsoft computer, you should know that the anti-virus it comes with protects you only from spyware. It does not protect you from the modern day malware. So getting an extra anti-virus protection will be a smart idea for secure internet browsing.

Update Operating Systems

Updated OS comes with patched security loopholes. The line of defense is always enhanced with every newer version of an operating system so as part of remaining secure while browsing, ensure you are up to date. Do not take any chances.

Use Reputable Shopping Website

It does not hurt when you do what the majority are doing when it comes to online shopping. Only use trusted sites. Otherwise, you risk your account information being hacked. Avoid sites that try to imitate others like the pandorapick.com that imitates Pandora Jewelry site.

Don’t use Unsecured Wi-Fi

Setting up insecure Wi-Fi can be an easy trap set for you to fall into. Once you get connected your information might be downloaded from your device and before you know it, the information will have already been used against you. So avoid insecure Wi-Fi like a plague

Social Media Safety

The information you use on social media is visible to a wide variety of people. The criminals might get the information and use it against you. At this time you might be not suspecting anything. So know your friends on social media and avoid leaving your details open to the public. It might not be safe.

Be a Disciplined Internet User

All the discussed information is meant to keep you safe and secure while browsing the internet. It won’t heart if you follow the discussed information. Keep yourself safe. Also, ensure you are not the one causing chaos on the internet.

Report any cybercrime

If you note any cyber crime, you can report it to the authorities. You will assist other people to achieve browsing security if the criminal is charged. So do not only look after yourself but be your brothers’ keeper too. It will assist save the internet community.

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